Traditional media vs new media: the best on 2022

new media vs traditional media

Digital marketing is evolving every day and so are marketing strategies to generate sales, nowadays you can use traditional and new media advertising methods, each one has pros and cons, of course, new media advertising scale higher most of the times, as traditional media tends to stay more local, but you have the chance to engage users even more using traditional media as your advertising method, so we are going to list every benefit you can get from both sides of the coin

Traditional media definition

tv broadcasting is the most expensive traditional media advertising

We call traditional media to every advertising channel that has been there for more than twenty years, radio, tv programs and broadcasts, newspapers, billboards and so on, this kind of advertising has been around for ages, its productivity is well known to generate a lot of sales, but is at the same time, expensive, so its recommended to create a great advertising strategy to reach your audience and create buyer persona profile to avoid wasting money.

We can create great strategies and generate a lot of sales with traditional media, your business can get all the benefits of local traditional media advertising, a tv broadcast may be better than radio and the newspaper, but depends a lot on budget, so it may be hard for young entrepeneurs, start their own business, so plan your strategies careful, always try to diversify to avoid losing big money.

New media definition and examples

We undestand new media as internet based activities, such as social media, video or banner ads, apps, and websites to attract users with informative useful content, this digital strategies are getting stronger, and is evolving faster, today we know digital marketing and mobile marketing as strategies used to get audience hooked with high quality content, this content has normally the call to action strategies to get your users click on your products and buy.

new media advertising can be an app, website a banner or video ad

Nowadays people spend a lot of time with their mobile phones, interacting with apps and websites very fast, sometimes spending money online, so everyone needs to have a mobile marketing strategy to reach people using their mobile, so, not only new media is getting popular, advertising is highly customizable, this way you dont waste money on advertising for the wrong demographic group.

Do i choose new media or traditional media for my business?

In fact, your business can get benefits from both, traditional and new media advertising are not enemies, you can use traditional media even if your business its a digital platform, you can create a powerful campaign using social media advertising and a tv broadcast or printed, you just have to plan your budget to get the most out of it and get your ROI faster.

To know what kind of media advertising you have to use, you have to know your audience, young people (ages 18 – 29) tends to use social media to search about some topics, people between age 30 – 50, tends to search a lot on different search engines as google, bing, but they still watch tv and hear their home radio, so there’s a lot of strategies you can create depending on your audience’s average age.

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New media vs traditional media benefits

  1. Price: You will pay less when using new media, traditional media is known to be expensive, you will reach a lot of people, but you will reach a lot of people out of your audience’s demography, so new media is less expensive, as we are collecting our audience data to get a buyer persona and learn more about their profile, new media become more efficient as we are targeting our audience, conversion rates are higher than traditional media, you can get track of every move so you can create new strategies to make sales.
  2. Engagement: Your audience are going to buy something from you, it doesn’t even care if you are not selling directly, they trust you, and they will buy the product if you are writing good reviews or creating content around a particular product, this means you have to recommend good quality products to increase your user’s satisfaction and that’s how your audience recommend you and your products too.
  3. Global reach: new media advertising is not only less expensive, it can reach a global audience, this can lead to a huge amount of people who reads and watch your content and of course, every new users is a new buyer, so this is one of the most important new media features, of course, traditional media and their tv broadcasts have a lot of reach, but this is often the most expensive kind of advertising from traditional media.
new media advertising has a huge global reach

4. Viral content: There is a chance a piece of your content gets viral, that mean, thousads of people will share your content, and it will be seen even by millions, so this will help you generate more sales, it doesn’t care if your conversion rate is the same, getting all this people attention will generate trust and will give more value to your content.

5. Localization: Creating the perfect new media strategy you can reach your users wherever they are, as people use mobile phones every day, strategies to generate fast sales opportunities get more important, with a good mobile marketing strategy, localization is not a problem anymore.

6. Easy to use: New media advertising platforms can be a little tricky to use at first, but once you start woking on these it becomes easy, this platforms are very flexible and will allow you to run multiple campaigns and focus on every audience profile you have.

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At first this post may seem as a battle between new media vs traditional media, but it is not, this article’s objetive is to show what’s the difference and benefits between them, as your business grow, you will be using both probably, but as a beginner, you will use new media advertising, as it’s cheaper, easiest and you can track all the numbers to design more strategies to grow your conversion rate.

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