Sms marketing vs email marketing: the best on 2022

learn about sms marketing vs email marketing and start growing your business

Once you start a business, you need to keep in mind a lot of things to start making sales, the most important is, how are you going to get your first client’s attention, of course, your product quality and the user experience you offer to them is crucial, but, creating a great campaign to show your users what your business or products are and how they can benefit from them, is going to make wonders for your sales department, choices need to be made, and once you have the requirements you will have to choose between Sms marketing vs email marketing, so we are going to analyze which is better here.

To analyze SMS marketing vs email marketing we have to keep in mind how can my business benefit from one of these first, to do this, we need our client’s data first, so we need to build a client’s database with the information we need, next, we need the tools to send emails or SMS manually, or, a paid platform, there are a lot of platforms out there that will help you send emails, SMS, create websites, funnels or landing pages, keep track of your analytics and much more, click here if you want to know more about this.

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022: Keep an eye to the best sms marketing platforms that will help to increase your revenue on 2022

SMS marketing pros and cons


  1. Reach your clients everywhere.
  2. Sms notification has more visibility.
  3. Sms delivery is faster than emailing.
  4. Not so easily ignored.
  5. Higher conversion rates.


  1. Sending bulk SMS is expensive.
  2. Not reaching clients with full SMS inbox.
  3. Excessive use of SMS is annoying.

SMS marketing has become a great mobile marketing tool, in the past, SMS were not as popular, people used to call more often, but nowadays, SMS is used to send a lot of different texts, from sales notifications, discounts, coupon codes, and flash sales, SMS marketing has surpassed email marketing conversion rates, you can send a lot of emails to people and they will ignore about 90% of them, so, the strategy is different when you send emails, but sending SMS to increase sales or notify about discounts is one of the most used mobile marketing strategies.

In the last years, marketing agencies have been building emails lists and sending great quantities of bulk emails to their clients, of course, conversion varies from one agency to another, but, these rates are slowing, email is a great communication channel, but is often used as a method to make applications or submitting registry forms, just a few people use their email account has a real communication channel nowadays, so, that’s the main reason conversion rates are getting slower for email marketing.

sending bulk sms is faster and usually gets faster user response

Sms marketing benefits.

There are a lot of reasons you should create mobile marketing strategies, and that means, using SMS marketing as one of your strategies to increase your sales, we are going to rank and review the benefits of SMS marketing and compare this with email marketing.

1. Faster delivery

This depends on the SMS platform you use to send your texts, but, normally, when you send SMS, they reach your clients almost immediately after sending, most of these SMS platforms let you send from 4 to 7k SMS almost immediately without losing their speed, so your SMS arrives at the scheduled hour and date when sending emails, some emails tend to have some delay, and in some cases, some servers sending bulk mails will be a slower task.

2. Visibility

When receiving an SMS we will receive a notification as soon as the SMS arrives, sometimes is a sound, a song, or our mobile vibration, you will see your new SMS notification on the screen, and you can even read a small part of the text sent, this is one of the best ways to reach your clients, a nicely written SMS feels like is custom made for each one fo your clients.

Using email to reach your clients is another great way to increase conversion, but visibility and engagement are not as good as SMS, of course, the design and copywriting of an email can generate a lot of conversions, but even pure text-based SMS can get more conversions.

3. Increased engagement

learn how to engage your users with email marketing and the benefits vs email marketing

We all know users tend to ignore their email inbox, it doesn’t matter if a new mail arrives, the chance for that new email to be read is less than 10%, of course, a lot of clients use the same email account as a channel communication for their job, so that increase a little bit the chances but SMS have a chance up to 48% to be read at the time it’s received, so this is a great tool to engage users, and that’s why big companies use SMS to send an engaging text to increase sales.

A clear example of this is code coupons, this kind of SMS is often read and used, and their conversion rate is one of the highest, so it’s a great strategy for companies to increase their revenue, another good example is flash sale texts when a big store announce a flash sale, they send SMS to their registered clients, of course, this is a great strategy for local businesses, this kind of strategies work to engage your clients, using your coupons or receiving notifications for your special offers is going to create a sense of use on your website or online store for your clients.

4. Faster user response

We all know most people do not respond to an email instantly, email users will check 1 out of 10 emails they receive, so, if your email got stored in the spam folder, you have to keep in mind that, at least 60% of the emails you send, are going automatically to the spam folder, an email successfully sent and read by your clients will have a conversion rate of 5%, and it will probably take place after 24 hours of being received and read by the user.

When an SMS is sent, the user has to at least open the SMS to mark it as read and get the notification removed, sure they can quit every notification, but, they usually read a part of the SMS, using a good strategy can get you a 20% conversion rate or more, as people take action faster with a well written or engaging SMS, that’s why the most profitable texts you can send are, coupons, discounts, and flash sales, we can expect a faster user response when using an SMS strategy.

5. Pricing

I’m not going to lie to you here, of course, SMS marketing is expensive, some websites such as Mailchimp or Omnisend offer a free account in which you can send a limited amount of emails, and as far as I know, just a few websites are offering free SMS delivery, most of them give you credits to spend, and once you have spent your credits you need to buy more, you can’t get more for free.

sms marketing has a highest cost compared to email marketing

Thats why Sms marketing is recommended if you have at least 500 clients on your database, this will help you get those quick sales your business need to keep growing, so start building your client database right now, create a good strategy to increase your sales, engage your audience with good quality content, and sales will start increasing.


Now you know some benefits of Sms marketing vs email marketing, I recommend you to stay with your email service to send free emails, of course, you may upgrade that service to send bulk mails later, the purpose of this article is to show you the difference and benefits of SMS, but creating an email list will help you grow your business too, a free business tool to send email is always needed, once your business is big enough, SMS marketing is recommended to increase conversions and sales, you will be impressed once you start using this tool and keeping track of your sales.

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