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learn about sms marketing vs email marketing and start growing your business

Sms marketing vs email marketing: the best on 2022

Once you start a business, you need to keep in mind a lot of things to start making sales, the most important is, how are you going to get your first client’s attention, of course, your product quality and the user experience you offer to them is crucial, but, creating a great campaign to show your users what your business or products are and how they can benefit from them, is going to make wonders for your sales department, choices need to be made, and once you have the requirements you will have to choose between Sms marketing vs email marketing, so we are going to analyze which is better here.

To analyze SMS marketing vs email marketing we have to keep in mind how can my business benefit from one of these first, to do this, we need our client’s data first, so we need to build a client’s database with the information we need, next, we need the tools to send emails or SMS manually, or, a paid platform, there are a lot of platforms out there that will help you send emails, SMS, create websites, funnels or landing pages, keep track of your analytics and much more, click here if you want to know more about this.

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022: Keep an eye to the best sms marketing platforms that will help to increase your revenue on 2022

SMS marketing pros and cons


  1. Reach your clients everywhere.
  2. Sms notification has more visibility.
  3. Sms delivery is faster than emailing.
  4. Not so easily ignored.
  5. Higher conversion rates.


  1. Sending bulk SMS is expensive.
  2. Not reaching clients with full SMS inbox.
  3. Excessive use of SMS is annoying.

SMS marketing has become a great mobile marketing tool, in the past, SMS were not as popular, people used to call more often, but nowadays, SMS is used to send a lot of different texts, from sales notifications, discounts, coupon codes, and flash sales, SMS marketing has surpassed email marketing conversion rates, you can send a lot of emails to people and they will ignore about 90% of them, so, the strategy is different when you send emails, but sending SMS to increase sales or notify about discounts is one of the most used mobile marketing strategies.

In the last years, marketing agencies have been building emails lists and sending great quantities of bulk emails to their clients, of course, conversion varies from one agency to another, but, these rates are slowing, email is a great communication channel, but is often used as a method to make applications or submitting registry forms, just a few people use their email account has a real communication channel nowadays, so, that’s the main reason conversion rates are getting slower for email marketing.

sending bulk sms is faster and usually gets faster user response

Sms marketing benefits.

There are a lot of reasons you should create mobile marketing strategies, and that means, using SMS marketing as one of your strategies to increase your sales, we are going to rank and review the benefits of SMS marketing and compare this with email marketing.

1. Faster delivery

This depends on the SMS platform you use to send your texts, but, normally, when you send SMS, they reach your clients almost immediately after sending, most of these SMS platforms let you send from 4 to 7k SMS almost immediately without losing their speed, so your SMS arrives at the scheduled hour and date when sending emails, some emails tend to have some delay, and in some cases, some servers sending bulk mails will be a slower task.

2. Visibility

When receiving an SMS we will receive a notification as soon as the SMS arrives, sometimes is a sound, a song, or our mobile vibration, you will see your new SMS notification on the screen, and you can even read a small part of the text sent, this is one of the best ways to reach your clients, a nicely written SMS feels like is custom made for each one fo your clients.

Using email to reach your clients is another great way to increase conversion, but visibility and engagement are not as good as SMS, of course, the design and copywriting of an email can generate a lot of conversions, but even pure text-based SMS can get more conversions.

3. Increased engagement

learn how to engage your users with email marketing and the benefits vs email marketing

We all know users tend to ignore their email inbox, it doesn’t matter if a new mail arrives, the chance for that new email to be read is less than 10%, of course, a lot of clients use the same email account as a channel communication for their job, so that increase a little bit the chances but SMS have a chance up to 48% to be read at the time it’s received, so this is a great tool to engage users, and that’s why big companies use SMS to send an engaging text to increase sales.

A clear example of this is code coupons, this kind of SMS is often read and used, and their conversion rate is one of the highest, so it’s a great strategy for companies to increase their revenue, another good example is flash sale texts when a big store announce a flash sale, they send SMS to their registered clients, of course, this is a great strategy for local businesses, this kind of strategies work to engage your clients, using your coupons or receiving notifications for your special offers is going to create a sense of use on your website or online store for your clients.

4. Faster user response

We all know most people do not respond to an email instantly, email users will check 1 out of 10 emails they receive, so, if your email got stored in the spam folder, you have to keep in mind that, at least 60% of the emails you send, are going automatically to the spam folder, an email successfully sent and read by your clients will have a conversion rate of 5%, and it will probably take place after 24 hours of being received and read by the user.

When an SMS is sent, the user has to at least open the SMS to mark it as read and get the notification removed, sure they can quit every notification, but, they usually read a part of the SMS, using a good strategy can get you a 20% conversion rate or more, as people take action faster with a well written or engaging SMS, that’s why the most profitable texts you can send are, coupons, discounts, and flash sales, we can expect a faster user response when using an SMS strategy.

5. Pricing

I’m not going to lie to you here, of course, SMS marketing is expensive, some websites such as Mailchimp or Omnisend offer a free account in which you can send a limited amount of emails, and as far as I know, just a few websites are offering free SMS delivery, most of them give you credits to spend, and once you have spent your credits you need to buy more, you can’t get more for free.

sms marketing has a highest cost compared to email marketing

Thats why Sms marketing is recommended if you have at least 500 clients on your database, this will help you get those quick sales your business need to keep growing, so start building your client database right now, create a good strategy to increase your sales, engage your audience with good quality content, and sales will start increasing.


Now you know some benefits of Sms marketing vs email marketing, I recommend you to stay with your email service to send free emails, of course, you may upgrade that service to send bulk mails later, the purpose of this article is to show you the difference and benefits of SMS, but creating an email list will help you grow your business too, a free business tool to send email is always needed, once your business is big enough, SMS marketing is recommended to increase conversions and sales, you will be impressed once you start using this tool and keeping track of your sales.

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mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022

If you have a small business, you need to get attention, and clients or users of your business services need to be engaged, so, it doesn’t matter if you have a small local business or just a new online store, there are lots of things you have to do to start growing your business, start by creating your business own website, email marketing, mobile marketing sms automation and many other things to attract people to your business.

mobile marketing goals for 2022 to improve your sales

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Every tool and strategy you use is a new path to reach clients, don’t underestimate the power of the internet and digital marketing, also, don’t get stuck with just one strategy, diversify, test a wide variety of tools and options, that being said, a good option to get your clients returning to your business are SMS, in order to use this strategy, of course, you have to get your client’s phone number, there’s no doubt omnisend is the mobile marketing sms best platform, but there are a few more that deserve attention too, check the next list to know more about this sms marketing platforms.

How to build a client or user list?

There are many ways you can get your client’s information, if you have a local business its easy, just collect the information every time you sell an item, you can get an app to offer some discount on one of your products but people have to signup and fill up the information you want, tell people to register their info in order to get a giveaway ticket for a free item or discounts, for this last, you have to print some formats with the data you want to get from your clients, so you tell them they will get notified if they lose or win.

For online stores or digital businesses, make sure you create a landing page, the best strategy here is to use your front page as your landing page, now, create a contact form, use a great image and tell people they will receive something if they sign up, you can offer discounts, product reviews, articles related to your business, most websites use the lead magnet strategy to get people to sign up, click here to know more about lead magnets, you can create an ebook and give it for free in order to get the signup.

How to use your client list to send automatic sms?

There are different platforms you can use to send automatic sms, they have great plans that depend on the number of clients you have, and the number of sms you plan to send every day, or monthly, they even offer an algorithmic workflow to automate how many sms you want to send, hour and date, and even what to do if you get a response from your audience, the next list is the best sms platforms you can find to improve your mobile marketing sms strategy.

mobile marketing benefits 2022

Mobile marketing benefits: everybody has a mobile nowadays, so you may learn this great ways to reach your clients and the benefits to optimize your business for mobile phones

1. Active campaign

A great platform to automate your sms workflow, this platform is a flexible choice to reach your clients, something you can do with their native system or an app like whatsapp, you can import your contacts from another platform or register manually, schedule your sms, send coupons or flash sale notifications, a great platform to send sms you can start using for as low as $9/ month.

2. Omnisend

omnisend is one of the best mobile marketing platforms that automates sms on 2022

Create and track sms campaigns with omnisend’s powerful multichannel tool, omnisend is a company that offers a lot of services you can use, it doesn’t matter if you are growing your company or a big one, omnised features a wide variety of services such as marketing automation and segmentation, email automation, pop-ups and forms, web push notifications and sms automation, within their website you can buy credits, you can spend this credits to send sms on a limited quantity.

Omnisend offers a wide diversity of paid plans, from $16 /month, you can start sending sms, emails, and creating campaigns with your client list, this by far is one of the best platforms out there, you can register for free and get free credits, use automated forms for your website to send automatic emails, this is the platform I’m currently using to build my mail list, so I definitely recommend using it.

3. Text Magic

A great platform for sms automation with a lot of features, pay only for the texts you send, this is one of the best platforms out there where you can send up to 918 characters long texts, and you can use their text-to-speech feature to call your clients, or upload voice audio to make the call to everyone on the list, they provide forms to use on your website so you can build your clients data list and start sending sms.

This is really a great option if you already have a great phone list and want to start sending sms, their pay per sms feature is great and you can send long text messages, the only downside of this company is, of course, they lack email services and a lot of features omnisend offer as a multipurpose platform, so the choice is yours here.

4. Many Chat

many chat is a stylish mobile marketing platform to send automated sms and create chat flows for your clients

A great and stylish platform to send automatic sms, not only that, you can chat with your clients, create a message flow or have a real person take the conversation over to get higher conversions, you can connect many chats to your Shopify and send automated purchase notifications, send images on your sms to get your audience hooked, a feature offered by only a few companies.

This is a nice platform to use, I recommend this if you have a Shopify store, or you are a growing influencer, this platform will really help you increase your conversion rates, a great option for a beginner online store, one of the downsides here, of course, is, you can only use the features listed for US, Canada or UK, so if your audience is out of these countries you may choose another option.

5. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a multipurpose platform, here you can import your contact list, send emails, sms, create landing pages, facebook ads campaigns, this tool has a lot of services, you can create a free account to send up to 300 automated emails daily, but you have to upgrade to use another service, their initial plan is $411/month, you can send unlimited emails to you contact list, sms contact management, templates, multi-language tools and much more.

This company offers a lot of services, but maybe too much for small companies, so, i recommend having at least 1000 contacts on your client list to take advantage of the first paid plan, creating a landing page and a sale funnel can be hard, but with sendinblue you can even track your conversion rates, so, it may be a little expensive, but believe, if you already have 1000 or more contacts, it will help you increase your revenue.

6. Clicksend

click send is a platform that offers a wide variety of services like automated emails and sms, funnel and landing page creation and so on.

A great web-based portal to send automated sms to your client’s database, great for small or big companies, with one of the highest performance to send up to 4800 messages/ minute, email to sms service for those who use email as their communication channel, pricing is great too, they charge per sms so you only pay for the messages you send, starting from $0.048 under 2k messages, the price goes down to $.0319 per sms if you send more than 100k messages, so its a nice tool to send bulk messages if you have a huge client list.

Clicksend has another wide variety of services such as sending mms, voice audio, automated email, fax, and posting, so you can check for their services, they have good prices and offers, I recommend using clicksend if you have a client list of at least 500 contacts, and you want to increase conversion rates.

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7. Podium

This multi-purpose marketing platform will help you grow your business, this is a great marketing tool, you can start a free 14-day trial and start using their services, sending sms, using their chat flow to ask your clients questions, offering discounts, or sending notifications, this here is a platform that used properly will increase your sales greatly, you can integrate a wide variety of apps to customize your experience and automate even more your work.

Podium offers a wide variety of quality-of-life marketing services, their pricing may be expensive at first, but it’s recommended to at least have a 1000 client list to take advantage of this tool, to analyze and track all the data you can from your clients, campaigns and sales.


Mobile marketing and digital marketing are evolving every day, and we have to use every tool we have to grow our business, these tools offer a great presence and impact the user’s experience so, we are not only getting a great tool to keep sales growing, we are improving our customer experience and satisfaction, using sms to keep our clients engaged is not a new strategy, but nowadays, when everyone has a mobile, using sms as a method to increase our client’s interaction and conversion rate is proving to be a good reason to invest on sms automating platforms.

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mobile marketing goals for 2022 to improve your sales

Mobile marketing goals for business on 2022

As stated in a previous post, mobile marketing definition is, every strategy we create in order to reach people on their mobile phones, to do so, we have to optimize our content first, to meet the requirements to fit on a mobile screen, keep your font size medium or big size for people to have a good read, and avoiding google indexing problems, keep live colors to get more attention and hook people with the best title you can create for your content, keep reading and learn how to improve your sales with this great mobile marketing goals for every business.

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The most important thing we need in order to do a great mobile marketing strategy is, of course, to set our strategy goals, we have to keep this in mind because, you may end your mobile marketing approach with higher expectations, which will lead to failure, and you will probably quit after this, so this is some mobile marketing goals for business on 2022, to keep your business growing to a reasonable level.

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022: Use the best tools to implement your mobile marketing strategies and increase users satisfaction and conversion rates for your business.

Mobile marketing goals

1. Prioritize design

Optimizing a website for mobile is a must if you want to increase conversion rates, most of the time, we will improve the design over content, a well-crafted design will engage mobile users, writing a 3000 word article it’s not always useful, of course, it can help your SEO, but mobile users want quick answers or solutions to their needs, to increase the engagement you want a good looking design, short but helpful informative articles, and well-placed call to action links or buttons.

2. Speed is key

Speed is a factor you need to keep in mind, if you have an app, or a website, a slow speed will sink your business, as most mobile users will abandon websites with load times up to 5 seconds, so, try to speed up your website, lower your image size, use cached pages to speed up the loading process, use a CDN service to get users from other countries load your website fast, and if you use wordpress, keep the plugin numbers to a minimum.

3. Launch an app version of your website

convert your site to an app to improve user engagement

Launching an app version of your website will get you some benefits, first, engagement, and conversion rates, launching an app version of your website will increase your brand’s reach, with an app you can engage your users in real time, with notifications about your most important or new content, you can send product offers, or send coupons to increase conversion rates even more.

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To launch your app version of your website you don’t need coding knowledge, there are websites with dedicated teams that will convert your website into an app for a good price, this is useful if you already have a website with at least 10k monthly sessions, you can monetize your app with better ads, get your users email easily as they have to register, and of course, you can create buyer persona profiles to help you increase your sales.

4. Don’t forget email marketing

email marketing will help you improve your sales with mobile marketing

As much as mobile marketing, email marketing is important and will lead you to more sales, people use their phones most of the time to read their mail, so, create a good email marketing strategy, don’t forget to send those emails, as stated above, it will be easier for you to get your user’s mail if you have an app, most of the time you will need a lead magnet to get emails, but with an app, you get the mail as they register to your app.

5. Money is not everything

I know this can be a little cliché, but we all know, that online business will take time and money to grow, but, in order to succeed, you need to give something, sometimes you need to provide a lot, it can be informative content, a free product, a free trial of your service, an ebook on pdf or a free video, and of course, your quality content will keep people returning to your website or app, this is where you need to focus your strategy on, give value to people, and you will be rewarded.


Mobile marketing is evolving every second, we have to analyze and create a new strategy every day to keep growing, right now, there are a lot of people investing time and money in the right strategy for their business to succeed, so this mobile marketing goals for business I listed above may change. Still, quality and useful content will always help you get people’s eyes on your business, the rest is getting those people into action, making clicks to bring sales to your business.

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mobile marketing benefits 2022

Mobile marketing benefits

Marketing nowadays has evolved drastically, the digital era has grown up bigger every day, and now, people are buying a lot of stuff on the internet, using multiple platforms to get information about products, prices, and discounts, almost every adult has a mobile, so mobile marketing is a strategy to reach people using their phones, tablets or another mobile device, creating strategies to optimize information to fit mobile screens and get conversions, there is a lot of mobile marketing benefits, keep reading to learn more about it.

Mobile marketing definition

Mobile marketing is a strategy or a group of arrangements you can create to reach people’s attention through their mobile screen to your brand or business, engaging people by optimizing your content for mobile, creating an app to keep your audience hooked to your content, showing your articles or videos or placing ads for people to be seen, and generate sales.

It’s well known that you can create a business from scratch on the internet, some years ago, you had to create a website the hard way, coding, designing, and writing a website at the same time was hard, now you can create a website in minutes with WordPress, a hosting service a theme or layout, and some plugins, by doing this, you are creating a platform that can reach pc, or mobile users, of course, you have to optimize your content to be mobile friendly and engage your audience.

Mobile marketing benefits to improve your business

1. Growing market

As you may know, there are billions of mobile phone users, also, people spend almost 3 hours a day looking at their screens, so there’s a good opportunity to create a business, people are searching for information through their phone’s browsers, and even buying every kind of stuff on the internet, that’s our first and one the biggest mobile marketing benefits we have.

Not only there’s a lot of people using phones, now for every phone, but you also have a complete profile, so, this can lead to learning more about your clients, social media platforms can be used to create a small business or a big company, and you can even get viralized content, that’s why the mobile market has so many benefits that will lead your business to success.

2. Connectivity

mobile connectivity is great for mobile marketing

Mobile phones are online most of the time, also, people link their social media, email, and every kind of profile to their phone, even bank accounts, so it’s more likely to get some sales from mobile phone users, who just have to scroll and make some clicks on the screens, conversion on pc users is lower, as they won’t use their profiles to search or enter another website so often, that’s, of course, a benefit, but of course, you have to be careful with your client’s private information.

3. Geo localization

Of course, you can grow your business to a big company with mobile marketing, but there are plenty of strategies for every kind of business, so if you have a small business, you can reach clients around your area easily, that’s because almost every mobile phone can be tracked around a specified area, so you can reach the people you have specified, or meet your criteria, that’s very useful and can generate a lot of sales to small business.

4. Fast-tracking analytics

you can track every move faster with mobile marketing

If you already have a website, you will see a faster increase in page views, and conversion when optimizing for mobile, people always carry their phones with them, wherever people go, they can get into their mobile and see your content or make a sale, almost instantly after you launch a campaign, and this is easily tracked for you to create customer profiles or buyer persona to keep learning more about your customers.

5. The power of ads on apps

A lot of people are launching apps every day, so one of your best mobile marketing strategies to keep your company growing, is through ads on apps, this is one of the most engaging ways you can get sales, engage an audience or just get more eyes looking at your business, with this kind of campaigns and the great content you create, your business will grow faster, so this is one of the most important yet underestimated mobile marketing benefit.

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022

mobile marketing sms best platforms 2022: Use the best tools to implement your mobile marketing strategies and increase users satisfaction and conversion rates for your business.

6. Responsive content

This benefit depends on content optimization, there are a lot of apps or features you can use to get more reach, one of the biggest and more underestimated right now is google stories, maybe not the most useful google feature, but, right now if you have an android phone, you can get into google stories fast, a nice looking format content, structured and optimized for mobile phones, the stories you get trough this depends on the data stored in Google servers about your behavior, so, most of the time you will get content you are interested into.

Creating this kind of content will likely get you more traffic, as it’s as easy as swiping down through content, to read an article, hear a podcast or watch some videos, and most important, create a good opportunity to make some sales.

7. Viral content

mobile marketing will help you get viral content faster

There’s a lot of business that have been made around viral content on the internet, if your content is good, new, or popular, it has a chance to be viralized, this means users tend to share this content most of the time, not google or another company, creating viral content is normally about luck, but once you get viral, your growth can be exponential, and it can lead to increased conversion rates.

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Mobile marketing benefits are great, this is a big opportunity for every business to be seen, to reach clients, and make money, but most important, is the content you can create, of course, investing more money can create leads, paying a lot of money for ads will help you get more money, but it’s not an oversaturated area to generate a great income from a little money investment, of course paying for ads without the proper knowledge, can lead you to lose money, but, there’s always a risk on business, so, don’t give up, create a good strategy, learn every day and focus on your objective.

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