Make money playing videogames

make money playing videogames on 2022, create a great digital income

The Digital era has evolved fast, you can start an entire business online from scratch with a low budget if you have a computer or even a mobile phone, you can even make money playing videogames as gaming is becoming a profitable niche.

Videogames are a great way to spend time, but nowadays, there are a lot of people earning thousands of dollars monthly just for playing videogames, you can even make money as a teen, so you will have the perfect gaming side hustle that will make you a great income.

Make money playing online games

Playing online games can be an exciting way to make money, MMORPG’s are role-playing games that you can play with a bunch of players, normally, you can trade goods for in-game money with another player in the game, so this can be a good way to earn money, beware, trading in-game items for real money is normally against the rules and it may result on your account being banned from the game, but this is a risk a lot of people take in order to make money.

make money playing videogames on twitch, start your pro gaming career

Another great way to make money while playing is, of course, streaming your gameplays, sometimes people just want to watch other people play videogames, you can create a twitch account, and start streaming your gameplay, you just have to play a popular game, and start streaming, of course, you don’t need to socialize a lot, but this is recommended to get your audience hooked with your content, then you will start earning subscriptions, each subscription will earn you money.

There are a lot of famous streamers who have earned a lot of money, of course, it takes some time, you have to play, chat and talk with your subscriptors, maybe play with them and sometimes do funny things, but most of the time, it requires consistency, you need to stream at least two or three times a week for your content to start getting attention.

Earn money on youtube

Once you have a twitch account, and all your gear set to start your streaming career, create a youtube channel with your twitch videos, you can edit your videos to be more interesting for the youtube users, and try to upload every stream you do, if your streaming sessions are lengthy, you can split a video into two or more.

monetize your youtube account uploading your gameplays and growing a susbscriptor audience

Youtube is a platform with its own search algorithm, to appear on people queries, you have to use long tail keywords on your video, so avoid using the videogame name only as the name of the video, as this will result in your video going down into the abyss of youtube, try to do some keyword research for youtube, fill up your video tags and use your video description to add engaging text to earn subscriptions.

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To earn money from youtube you have to monetize your channel, and you can apply to monetization once you have met 1000 subscriptions and 4000 hours of watch time, this can be tough, but once you start doing quality videos and getting more attention, you will surpass this requirement.

Make money selling your services as a pro gamer

Gaming is evolving from entertainment or a hobby to an e-sport, nowadays you can earn great money if you are good enough playing a videogame, in recent years, Fortnite, Warzone, and League of legends tournaments have become popular, rewarding the champions of the tournament with millions of dollars.

make money playing videogames with your own gaming blog

If you have great expertise, even if you are not a professional player, you can sell training services for newbie players, there are a lot of Dota or League of Legends players who are currently making money this way, you can do this from your house with online sessions, or going directly to your client’s place.

This method requires knowledge about the game, so, I recommend playing the game for at least one or two weeks, understanding the game’s mechanics, winning some battles against other players, and maybe a tournament, of course, you can charge more if you have expertise.

Create a gaming blog

This is an excellent option for writers, creating a gaming blog or website is a real challenge, it’s a growing niche of course, but, it has a low value for advertisers, so, unless you can write great articles and start getting millions of views, this can be hard, but blogging is a great way to start your own brand and business, it will take time too, you will need to write a lot of articles to start earning money, but once you start getting traction, it can grow exponentially.

You can make money with a gaming blog from different sources:

  1. Displaying ads: This is the most important, once you start getting 10k pageviews, it’s getting serious, so apply to Adsense, then ezoic, it will take time to earn a great income, but its the most passive way to earn money from your blog.
  2. Affiliate marketing: there are a lot of affiliate programs out there, you register, create some affiliate posts to show the links for people to buy a product, and you earn commissions, this can be hard at the beginning, but it’s of course a great way to start making money online.
  3. Info products: Creating an info product can be easy at first, you can create an ebook from 10 or 20 of your articles, then, you have to create something with added value to start making sales, creating an info product is a great way to scale your earnings exponentially.
  4. Crowdfunding: Create an account on Patreon or buymeacoffee, if your content is helpful to others, they may want to donate to your cause, or maybe start adding original and exclusive content for your patrons, this can be a great source of income, but of course, it can be a pain to create content for your website and for patreons.

There are a lot of methods to monetize a website, once you have a great audience, companies may start contacting you, and collaborations with other bloggers are great to increase your audience and grow even more your brand, that’s what you want for your business.


Gaming is not a hobby anymore, if you are a hardcore gamer, you are great at playing a popular game, or just have a lot of time and want to make money, you can start your career right now, it won’t take a lot of your time in the beginning, and you may start making money playing videogames full time, don’t waste time and do it, keep in mind, most of the real business is closed within the first year or a little bit after, be patient, and don’t give up on creating good content every day.

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