Art post ideas to monetize your art blog

art blog post ideas to monetize your website and earn a full income

Blogging is a succesful way to share your stories, knowledge and skills, or just write your everyday activities or adventures, nowadays blogging has become a serious business, there’s a lot of art post ideas to monetize, you can create content and become an authority in your niche, artists around the world are using social media, websites and crowdfunding platforms to earn money from their work, and this short guide is to show you how can you do it.

Theres a wide variety of online income sources you can build around your blog, of course, as an artist you may want to show people about this, the creation proccess, and of course your portfolio, so this will be your main content, then you can start buildig up your income, a well monetized website will take some time, but once ready, you will earn money from ads, affiliate marketing, infoproducts, crowdfunding and even courses.

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Creating an art online store

Woocommerce’s online stores are a hit nowadays, there’s a lot of people selling a lot of stuff around the web, and so can you, but there’s some things you have to consider in order to start your art online store, is your item stock enough to start selling online?, do you have a shipping strategy for your clients?, will you refund your unsatisfied clients?, unless you have some ecommerce experience, i recommend you creating a digital art online store, or NFT that’s a new market for content creators to start selling their art.

Creating a successful online store needs some serious first investment, to get an early ROI you must at least follow this short guide.

Art post ideas to monetize your online store

Creating an art online store is the first step to start earning money, you have to start ranking on google, and unless you are spending some money on google ads, then i recommend you to start creating well written content on your art blog and start targeting keywords, this is very important, targeting keywords and growing your website with seo is the best way to start creating a passive income, its going to be slow and a bit difficult at the beginning, but you once you nail it, you will earn money 24/7 with your art blog, even as you sleep.

So the firt blog post ideas to monetize will be about your art niche, if you draw or paint, you may write articles about your draw technique, the color combinations to specific thigs, you can even create some videos about your technique and embed your videos on a 700 word blog post that explain the video and the time it takes to draw or paint with that painting or drawing skill, this are informational posts and will get your audience engaged with your content as this content will be useful for them.

Interlinking your art posts the right way to increase convertion

Interlinking is the proccess to create links between our posts or webpages in order to redirect our traffic, we will do that to take traffic from an informative to a transactional post or to our online store, once you have created 4 or 5 post about your drawing or painting technique or how you create your cool art, create 1 or 2 posts about your online store item, a post for each store item, a good post about how it was created, time and materials spent, features, maybe pros and cons, always targeting 2 or 5 keywords and using images and anchor text with a direct link to this item on your online store.

Now you have 5 or 7 posts on your website, 4 or 5 informative posts and 1 or 2 transactional posts, interlink earch informative posts between them, and add a link to that 4 or 5 posts to your transactional posts, informative posts are the most important for our site, as google will love this kind of posts and give authority and more page rank, while transactional posts will get page rank and traffic from your informative posts and this will get you sales.

Membership art blog

Creating a membership site is possible with some free or paid wordpress plugins, there are a lot of guides there to create a successful membership art blog, first i recommend you to post and create free content, avoid creating free content and then hiding all of your content behind a pay wall, you will sink your blog doing this, i always recommend having at least 5k sessions to start a membership, and then you add or create content into your membership area of your blog.

Membership sites have service tiers sometimes, creating this you give your users extra benefits to the regular membership, as an example, you can create three membership tiers: bronze, silver and gold, you give your bronze members the right to see and use your premium content, or part of this content, then for the silver tier, you give some more valuable things, or another format of your art, free infoproducts, a discord group, and then you can offer your gold tier, all the listed benefits and the right to choose some topic you have to create content about.

Pricing your membership tiers

In order to get your pricing correctly, you have to create a list of real benefits for your users, so you don’t overprice your membership, but also, don’t get too low to seem as you are just asking for money and not giving some value, so, start thinking about the benefits for each tier, you can start by pricing like this: bronze $10 USD, silver $25 USD and gold $45 USD, the prices depends on your portfolio quality, the kind of benefits you will offer and of course, your goals.

Art post ideas to monetize your membership site

Once you have an audience and paid members, you will focus on your art, you are free to publish on your membership area what you really want, i recommend here to give a good amount of your portfolio in a wide format variety, ebooks, images or photos, video and of course, writing about the creation proccess, there’s a lot of people creating in depth guides on how to do some things to upload on their membership sites.

If you feel overwhelmed and can’t think about more content to give or create for your members, you can always ask, create quizes or polls, and start asking your audience what they want or need, how you can help them or teach them about something, this way you can create a lot of new content, and even create infoproducts to sell for a new price to your members and non membership audience.

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I hope this art blog post ideas to monetize help you get a good income from your website, start working on writing blog articles about your artwork, using your own photos, if you have a passion for paint, drawing, music, or creating some kind of art, you can start monetizing all your artwork by uploading pictures and videos of your work proccess to be seen by people around the globe, there are many people who’s going to be interested, that way you show your talent and teach some of your skills, this is the way your content will engage your audience, people that will start buying your work, or start funding your activities.

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