What is guest posting seo

guest posting seo, the strategy to get backlinks

As a blogger or webmaster, you will learn a lot about seo and page rank, a good strategy to get ranking faster, is to start creating backlinks, there’s a free way to get some of these, but in order to get those nice backlinks that will help your website page rank growing, you will need to start making calls, sending mails and writing some guest posts, keep reading because this post will tell you all you need in order to do a perfect guest posting seo, to help you grow your page rank while writing great content.

Before we start, by guest posting, we refer to writing a post for an external website within the same topic or niche we are, you have to search for this sites, their topics, read some of their posts, and leave a comment asking to do a guest post, or search their contact web page, social media or mail, once they accepted your request, you may write a good piece of content, and optimize it for seo, and to get your website page rank.

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The best piece of content you can create

Guest posting is important for a growing blog, this post has to be the best you have created so far, i recommend you to have at least 30 posts created by you, to start asking for guest posts, and at least 60 posts if you are asking or paying to write a guest post on a big website, do a good research, prepare or create a good set of images, create a video if you have a youtube channel.

Dont be affraid to put links to your website, up to 5 on a 1000 to 1500 word lenght text, make sure those links have the follow property when you check your post published, a no follow backlink will not help you rank, maybe will get you some traffic, but no page rank will be passed to your blog or website.

What is page rank and how affect my guest posting seo

Page rank is a group of algorithms made by google to optimize web search, this algorithms are based on link structure to give value to a website, so by creating a direct link from an external website to ours(backlink) we are getting a vow of trust to google, and this will help us rank our website, this will help our web to grow, climb to the first search results and get a big amount of traffic.

Guest posting is not always free

As someone with a bit of experience in guest posting, i have to advice you, sometimes, webmasters are not as friendly as you may think, as you keep asking about guest posting, you will stumble upon some bloggers or webmasters that will charge you for your guest posts, as that may sounds crazy, its totally normal, you may want to pay for a guest post to a website with more than 100k pageviews monthly.

There are a lot of webmasters that will gladly receive your guest posts and publish them into their websites for free, but for big companies or websites with authority and high traffic, you will be paying from $40 to $100 USD, but keep in mind that paying $100 or more for guest posting, is often not recommended unless this website is one of the top ranking websites on your niche.

Guest posting seo done right

The key to create a good piece of content and take advantage of guest posting, is communication, creating content for your website to rank once you have experience is easy, but for guest posting, you need to stablish a way to communicate fast and easy with the webmaster of your targeted website, you need to get this points clear:

  • Keyword to target to avoid cannibalization
  • Post lenght about, 1500 words is a good guest post
  • Images (type, size, or not images)
  • Backlinks per post (add at least 4 links in a 1500 word lenght post)
  • Video (recommended if you have a youtube channel)

Once everything is clear, you will have a better idea on how to write your guest post, keep in mind that, if you are writing for an specific topic, you will have to make a research first, create high value content with every line of your text, and don’t be affraid to encourage readers to click on your backlinks, even if you are doing this for free, writing is a hard job that deserves something in return.

Images used properly to optimize your guest posting seo

If you are allowed to use your own images on the post, you can optimize your content even better, and of course this will bring your better results, not even namig your files properly and using alt text, but creating your own images, not just editing something you found, you will create this images with a watermark or your website logo, by doing this, your images will be recognized and this will help you get a strong branding.

How i know when its time to charge for guest posts

As your site grows you will be receiving messages from people who want to write guest posts, this may happen when you reach more than 10k pageviews monthly, and you have a good domain authority, i recommend you start charging when you have at least 100k pageviews, from this point, you may absolutely have a good domain authority and your site will be at least more popular.

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Growing a website is a wild ride, and you must optimize your time, resources and capability to create good and engaging content to start getting traction, so once your site start getting more than 1k pageview monthly, start asking for guest posts to bigger sites on your niche, you will see, there’s a lot of incredible people you will meet, sometimes you will learn from them or sometimes them will learn from you, so don’t be afraid to ask for a guest post and show them the skills you have learned.

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