Affiliate marketing is oversaturated in 2022

affiliate marketing is oversaturated in 2022, but theres always room for innovation and talented people

Affiliate marketing is an early way to start creating a source of income, there are a lot of people generating sales and earning hundreds of dollars this way, and there’s a lot of competition too, and people around the world are learning exciting ways to create business opportunities, so many people will say affiliate marketing is oversaturated, and that’s why you want to select a niche and get authority, there’s room for innovation and talented people who want to succeed.

Oversaturated does not mean impossible

Now, the word oversaturated can be a little rough, yes, you may find it difficult to make some sales if you are always targetting for high competition keywords, and even more, if you don’t know or don’t even have an audience, but there’s a lot of affiliate programs out there where you can earn a good income from, so there are some things to consider when you are starting affiliate marketing.

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How to succeed in affiliate marketing

1. Create helpful content

First, you have to get people’s attention and then you will make some sales, so start creating content, write about something useful or make some youtube videos, to do this, you have to create a blog, or write for your social media account or have a youtube account to upload your videos, then solve people questions, create helpful posts, this can be product reviews, a vs b product articles, the best product for x o y articles, that’s what you want to do in order to get people’s attention.

2. Grow your audience

Now you have some content, now you may want to optimize your content for SEO and promote your content on social media, this will help you to grow an audience, it can be your youtube subscribers, social media followers, or your monthly blog page views, the more you have, the more sales you can do, analyze your audience and start creating strategies to increase your sales.

in order to successfully grow your affiliate marketing business, you have to grow your audience

3. Keyword analysis

This is one of the most important things to do, in order to fit your way through the big affiliate marketing sharks, you have to use low competition keywords for your content to actually get views, you don’t need expensive tools to do this, in fact, we will use free tools, click here if you want to learn more about free tools to help you with SEO, we are going to use google’s keyword planner and the google search bar auto-complete feature, so start looking for questions on the autocomplete feature and low volume keywords on the planner and that’s it.

4. Affiliate program

There are too many people creating Amazon affiliate websites out there, and it’s not a bad idea, Amazon is a big worldwide company making millions in sales, but, the affiliate program has received cuts recently, so commission rates are very low, there are a lot of affiliate programs out there offering big commission rates, don’t stick with just one affiliate program, diversification is key here, so you can earn more money for your effort.

affiliate marketing is not only about amazon, there are a lot of nice affiliate partners with better commission rates

5. Get the authority to get more sales

Nowadays there are big sites doing affiliate marketing, paying for ads to get on the first query results, so you have to fight your way to get into the competition, so, how do you do that? we will do that by niching your way down, specialize your website, your youtube channel, or your social media page on one topic, and write and create everything you can about just this topic, this way not only your audience will recognize your site or channel for this specialized content, but you will also get authority and this will result on better sales as your website or youtube channel appears no first place on google search.

Niching down can be dangerous sometimes, try not to get stuck, choose your website and channel name right in order to get domain authority fast, but not too specific, so you can get your niche wide when you exhaust all your topics, keep in mind, you have to start with a niche, create a good amount of content with the low competition keywords you have analyzed, and then you just have to optimize and promote.


Affiliate marketing is a great way for people to start creating an online business, competition will always be there, but that is where innovation and great strategies to generate revenue comes into play, don’t overthink and start right now, this is a long play, you are not going to earn money if you have no content working for you to get people’s attention, it can take months of hard work to start earning money, but once you start getting sales, they will increase as you grow your site.

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